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Welcome to Carrol`s Grooming website!

When you need an experienced pet groomer to pamper your four-legged friend, Carrol’s Grooming is the right place to visit. We established our business in 1994 in Ozark AL and have been devotedly serving the local community and their pets since then. All members of our staff have a deep love of animals, and they enjoy taking good care for them. Our pet groomers are experienced and well-trained to handle all dog breeds ensuring a safe environment for them. No matter whether you need a regular hygienic care for your dog or you want to enhance its appearance in order to participate in showing or other type of competition, Carrol’s Grooming experts are your best option.

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Carrol`s Grooming
Address: 863 East Roy Parker Road Ozark AL 36360
Phone: (334) 774-9661

Each loving Ozark AL pet owner should acknowledge the fact that dog grooming is an important part of the care you have to provide for it. Depending on the breed and the health of the pet, grooming may be required as a daily activity. Regular grooming will ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. Some breed like Poodles do not shed aplenty and should be groomed by a professional every 6–8 weeks maximum. We use a simple but very efficient system to provide healthy and comfortable groom. We will shampoo and brush your pet, which will remove the loose hair and tangles. After that, our pet groomers will use special tools and techniques to remove more hair. At the end, we will use a powerful hair dryer to complete the process.

Having problems with your dog when washing him/her? When you contact Carrol’s Grooming, our friendly office staff will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced specialists. In case the coat of your four-legged friend is dirty and torn, we will restore its good look and make it shiny. All products and materials used by our pet groomers are environmentally sound and harmless for your pet. We, at our salon, are dedicated to providing the necessary solutions to assist you in caring for your darling and provide the most excellent pet grooming service in Ozark AL. If you have a busy schedule and you don’t have time to stay while we care for your pet, rest at ease knowing it is in the hands of our trustworthy experts.

In case, your dog is dirty, in poor shape and tired from all that play at the local park, you have to consider visiting our acclaimed pet salon in Ozark AL. We at Carrol’s Grooming understand your pets may be stressed or confused when you leave them with us. We can assure you we will take every step to create the proper atmosphere so your companion feels comfortable and relaxed. We use products that are gentle to the pet’s skin and provide a stellar sheen on the coat. Our company provides a unique personal touch that enhances the good look of your pet. You won’t be able to find a salon offering a better dog washing and pet care service in the whole region of Ozark Al and the surrounding areas.

Carrol’s Grooming has been a pet service provider for 18 years. Our professionals are dedicated to providing the very best dog boarding for your beloved animal. Our wide range of services is perfectly coordinated even with the tightest budget. To make sure that our clients can find everything they need in one place we provide a high quality dog boarding service that is highly appreciated by our Ozark Al clients. Now you can plan that desired vacation you’ve postponed for a while because of your pet. You can be sure that we will take great care for it while you are gone on a vacation or a business trip. We guarantee 100 % customer satisfaction for both you and your pet.

Carrol’s Grooming is ready for your pet anytime – call us today at (334) 774-9661

by Elizabeth Wyse on Carrol`s Grooming
There was a dog under all that hair!

Though our dogs spend most of their time outside they do have access to the house whenever they feel so inclined. That being said, Dickens - an Airedale Terrier who weighs in at 102 is basically a yard dog. He loves to rough and tumble with our equally weighty German Shepherd, Greta. They roll in the grass/sand/mud and run and play at will. I told Kandy to do her magic and she didn't let me know. Dickens looks amazing! There was a dog under all that hair!Kandy has always groomed our animals but this visit surprised even me. Dickens is absolutely adorable!Thank you, Kandy and staff ... you are amazing!

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