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Pet grooming is an important part for the harmonious and healthy relationship between pet and pet owner. If neglected, your pet may be prone to several health dangers. Furthermore, their poor hygiene may be reflected by strong stench and fleas that he/she can spread over the house. For this very reason, we encourage you to try out our services for pet grooming in Ozark AL. It is all about proper planning and preparation, areas where Carrol`s Grooming masterfully executes for each and every project. Let Carrol`s Grooming provide grooming services for your pet to ensure he/she is healthy and in good condition at all times.

Carrol`s Grooming - the best pet groomer in Ozark ALWherever you are in Ozark AL and whatever pet you need taking care of, Carrol`s Grooming carries the competencies needed to achieve the desired results. We have the best prices in town. All our service charges are competitive and very affordable, giving you the luxury of not only saving time but also money for those who desire a repeat service. Carrol`s Grooming also offer dog boarding service. Yes, care for your dogs is one of our main objectives. We care for your pet at every phase of the grooming process to make him/her feel pampered and relaxed as well as avoid stress and depression.

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